Accident book

For my friend Andrew. A list of all the injuries, self inflicted or otherwise, that befall me during the course of this project.

Nothing interesting to report yet, only a few minor scuffed knuckles.
10th June - One small, but quite deep, cut to a forefinger when the hand saw slipped cutting the roof joist overhang off. sorted with a plaster.
22nd Oct - Whilst putting in the noggins in the extension ceiling to which the lights will be attached I needed to adjust the position of the one in the kitchen. As this was a tight fit I gave it a tug to move it and it popped out and smacked me in the forehead. A 2ft long piece of 4x2 hitting me gave me quite a lump and as luck would have it the edge hit me and caused a 4 inch long graze. I have spent the last week with a very tender lump and a red line on my face.