Dog run area

The area outside the back of the garage and the utility room will be used as an area to let the dogs outside.


This is how the area looked after the retaining wall had been built and work had started on bringing the walls up to DPC.

I've added some hardcore and some crushed stone at the back to get an idea of levels. This area needs to be level with the floor of the garage and the house so there's quite a bit to make up.


I went around the place gathering together all the lumps of concrete, old bricks, and bits of rubble that I could find and placed them all in the hole.

The boards you can see at the bottom and top of the picture are to protect the garage wall from a wheelbarrow full of concrete and bricks and to provide an access bridge from the garden level.


Once the hardcore was all in place I shovelled and barrowed crushed stone from the heap on the driveway we created when we dug back the garage area.

This has been left short of the finished level as there will be paving to go on top. As I haven't run a compactor plate over this yet it is going to sink a little bit more anyway.

We'll come back to this area much later in the build when it comes to the paving stage.