This page will have details of all those litle jobs that don't really fit anywhere else or don't need a page of their own.


One of the jobs to do was to create a new run for the chickens. Before the work started they had free run of the garden as the outhouse blocked off access to the front and the dogs had their own area so were kept seperate.

Once work started the chickens could have got out onto the front, or got run over by a digger! once the major ground work was done an area was fenced off for them to have. This area at the back corner of the garden should be fine and keep them out of the way without having to move them again until that area is used for the spoil from under the house floor.


During the initial stages the dogs were using a run I created at the front of the house using Heras panels covered with tarpaulin sheets and were using the front door.

Once ground works were complete it made sense to put this dog run at the back of the house again. I didn't want them using the back door though as they would then be on the new garage floor slab and I didn't want them making a mess on there, so the old toilet door became the preferred option.

The only problem there was the drop from the door to the ground. Using some bits of timber from the demolition and some of the pallets used to deliver items I created some steps to get them down to ground level (they are actually safer than they look).


This is how the new dog run looks after the panels were put in place.

There is plenty of room for them inside and room to stack materials and work on the outside.