More demolition

Once the drains had been sorted out and the toilet had been re-located to the bathroom it was time to remove to old toilet area from the building.


Here is the toilet as it looked after the work had been completed around it and the drains had been moved.

That Asbestos pipe is going to mean another trip to the tip.


As with the outhouse we started with the roof.

The electrics in that area were all either removed or isolated and then a breaker was used to seperate the rear of the roof slab from the building.

Once that was done the digger was used to gently pull the roof off the top and onto the ground where it was broken up.


With the roof out of the way a combination of using the breaker to cut down the wall and seperate it from the main building and the digger bashing and pulling it was used to bring the brickwork down.

Here the walls are down and the digger is having a bit of a tidy up to reveal the floor.


Having broken up the floor we were not surprised to see that there was not actually any foundation in that area, however, this wall will be taking the end of the floor joists for the extension and so we'll be underpinning this area to give it the support we need for the floor joists.


There was a foundation under the left wall of the toilet though, so that needed breaking out as the level needs to be reduced to the same as the rest of the oversite in order to allow for the void under the floor.


An attempt was made to remove this with the hand breaker, but that was not going to do it.

What was needed was the 'pecker' attachment on the digger to get some power into the job.

You can see that we've also downsized the digger as the bigger one is no longer required as the deep digs are completed.