Rainwater drains

This page deals with the arrangements for handling the rainwater. In effect this is going to cover the drains and soakaways, I'll cover the guttering etc seperately when I get to that stage


This is the drawing showing the current drains and the changes that are planned.

Relevant to this page is the lines in green showing the rainwater drainage arrangements.

The two shown on the left side are already there. The only work for those will be new down pipes when the guttering is replaced. This page will deal with those on the right, the new soakaway and the Aco channel drain.


Having completed the main drainage work was started on the rainwater management and the installation of the soakaway to the front of the house.

First step was to dig a big hole, and then to place one of the many bulk bags we have laying around in to it.

This was then filled with bricks and the larger chunks of concrete that were available.


Once the bag was full a couple more bags were laid over the top and those covered with bricks and large lumps of concrete.

Another two of the bags were then placed over that and some of the removed spoil levelled over the top and packed down with the digger tracks.

Finally the soil was spread on the surface and the whole thing was no longer visible. I'll have to remember not to try digging there as it will be very hard work.


Once the wall along the side of the garage had been brought up to the level required to pour the slab the gulley drain could be placed.

This will catch any water that gets blown into the gap between the garage and the retaining wall. I'm not expecting much to get in there but this is a better safe than sorry option.


This turns the corner at the front of the garage.

It is here that the down pipe from the small bit of roof above the garage will discharge, the gulley drain will then take the water away to the soakaway.


The gulley then runs across the front of the garage and continues across the front of the entrance door area to end up next to the soakaway.

The down pipe from the front roof gutter will join the gulley at the end before it all runs into the soakaway.

The grills need to be added on to these to finish them off.


The grills have been added along the side of the garage. It would have been very difficult to do this once the wall was built, but I'll need to cover these whilst the wall is constructed to stop them filling with dropped mortar.


A soldier course of paving blocks has been added to the gulley across the front of the garage and the grills have been added there also.

Whilst the gulleys are made of strong plastic having the blocks in place and the grills on makes them more likely to survive intact if anything is moved across them.


At the end the gulley has been connected to a section of pipe to direct the water into the soakaway.


That's the end of the works on the rainwater systems for now. Once the roof is on the gutters and downpipes will be the next stage.