These are the pictures of the house and garden before any proper work started.
Image An image showing most of the front of the house, the attached outhouse is just out of frame on the right.
Image And the attached outhouse to the right of the main building.
Image A shot of the front garden which shows the two tree stumps which remain after the trees in question were felled.
Image This picture is looking back up the garden to show the path to the front door and the 'driveway'. I say driveway, but its really just a few, now broken, slabs and a couple of lines of bricks to stop the cars sinking deeper into the mud.
Image The 'driveway' in all its glory.
Image A view of the rear of the house showing where the shed and chicken house used to be.
Image And a view of the other end.
Image Looking back from the house at the soon to be destroyed garden.

What follows is to document the 'before' condition of the inside of the house. As you'll see we've not really bothered decorating for a long time, with the cracks etc it didn't really seem worthwhile. The dogs have rather made a mess of the doors as well, they don't look quite as bad in real life I think, they appear worse in the pictures for some reason. The works inside the existing house are going to be something for a later stage, once the extension is completed we can move into that before completely wrecking the house.

So, lets take a tour of the inside. Reference to the plan may be useful to get your bearings. Taking pictures of rooms seems to be difficult, so bear with me if there's a few pics of each one.

I've not actually got the pictures of inside that I'm happy with yet, I'll need to tidy up first before I take some more, so they'll be here soon.