The plan

This page details the current configuration and look of the house and what the finished result is hopefully going to be like. Dealing with floor plan, layout and the elevations I'll explore the changes that are going to be made.

Floor plan

Image Original floor plan. Image New floor plan.
The outhouse to the side is removed and the building extended into that area, and forward, with a new garage. To the rear a new extension runs almost the full width of the building and extends out 4.5 metres. Planning restrictions meant it could not be the full width as it would have exceeded the allowed limit for percentage increase of footprint. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. If it had been full width there would have been issues getting light and ventilation into the second bedroom as a window would not have been allowed in the side wall. This layout also means that the garage and utility room open onto the same area, which we'll be using as an enclosed area for the dogs to go outside. Access to the rear garden is also possible through the garage via that area. To the left at the rear the steps will lead down to a small patio.

What do we gain;
  • A much larger kitchen and a dining/seating area within the kitchen.
  • A utility room off the kitchen.
  • A larger main bathroom and an additional WC at the rear.
  • An en-suite to one of the bedrooms.
  • An additional bedroom, that could also be used as a dining room, a study, a playroom, or something else altogether.
  • A garage
What do we lose;
  • Bedroom 2 becomes a little smaller, but bedroom 3 gets a little larger, so a balance.
  • The living room gets a little smaller.
  • Access to the side door from the front of the house is removed.
  • We lose the outhouse.
Let's put some furniture in and see the situation with the revised layout of the rooms.
Image Original floor plan with furniture. Image New floor plan with furniture.
Overall, I think you'll agree, a much improved layout with more space and better use of it.

Let's look at the outside views of the house and the changes proposed for that. Starting with the front.
Image Original front elevation. Image New front elevation.
The plan at the front is to mirror the extended portion on the left onto the right hand side of the property. This will add some symmetry, and I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of symmetry personally. At the same time the front door is moving to the right so people don't have to walk along the front of the house to get to it. A minor point, but it does make sense with the driveway and entry from the road being that side and it frees up some garden space and gets rid of the steps up to the front door into the bargain. Of course, moving the door also frees up space inside that means the bedrooms and bathroom are improved as we saw on the floor plans. The widened driveway allows two cars to be parked alongside, rather than behind each other.

Let's look at the rear now.
Image Original rear elevation. Image New rear elevation.
At the rear the removal of the outhouse tidies up the look. The partial levelling of the back garden allows the large doors from the kitchen to open out onto the lawn at around the same level.

Below are the side elevations so you can get a complete picture of the changes.
Image Original north elevation. Image New north elevation.
Image Original south elevation. Image New south elevation.
There's not really too much to say about these really is there. If you've looked at the plans and the front and rear elevations you probably could have guessed what they looked like anyway.

So, that's the plans, now all that remains is to get out the shovels and make a start...